Toyota Brake Service in Erie, PA

Welcome to Superior Toyota's Brake Center!  Superior Toyota offers great low prices and discounts on brakes and brake services in the Erie area!
Making sure your brakes are in top condition is very important.  What are some signs your brakes might need looked at or replaced?  Use your senses!  Check your brakes using SIGHT, TOUCH, and SOUND.  

Sight:  Is your brake system's warning light on while you are driving?
Touch:  Does your vehicle pull or steer to one side when braking? Do you feel a pulsing or does your pedal feel "spongy" when pressed? 
Sound:  Do you hear a grinding or squealing sound when braking?

These are just a few common indications that it's time for a check up, but not the only ones.  If you notice anything unusual, contact your Superior Toyota Service Advisor right away.



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