What Cars Are Easy to Repair?

If you plan on driving a car for a long period of time, then chances are something is going to come up eventually. There are a lot of vehicles that get expensive quick when you bring them into your mechanic, but Toyota has a long history of making reliable, easy to repair vehicles. The Toyota Camry is often cited as one of the cheapest, easiest cars to repair if something goes wrong, so if you want to save money in the long run, it's a great option.


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Get Affordable Auto Service for Summer at Superior Toyota in Erie, PA

The new season is upon us, folks; it's officially summer and that means trips to the beach, cookouts with friends and family, camping weekends, and long roads trips you'll remember for the rest of your life. Of course, if you're planning a long road trip but you haven't had your vehicle serviced in a while, now is the perfect time to get the repairs or maintenance your vehicle demands! Nothing is more important than your safety on the road and a well-maintained vehicle will serve you well mile after mile, so come to our service center…

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Explore the Impressive Interior of a Toyota Highlander

Looking to purchase a new SUV for your family and want it to come with great features; then the all-new Toyota Highlander is the SUV you have been waiting for. The Toyota Highlander is rated one of the best in its class and below are two reasons why.

The Toyota Highlander was specifically engineered to give the driver and passengers a buffer against any noises outside. Equipped with acoustic-type glass and insulation materials the Highlander keeps the cabin quiet so everyone inside can enjoy the ride.

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Does a Toyota 86 Suit Your Needs?

Finding a new car is never easy, but with the Toyota 86, you're certain to be pleased. Whether you're looking for something that's stylish, powerful, or extremely safe, the Toyota 86 has something for everyone.

This vehicle features a Boxer-Four engine that's certain to give you a great performance. A 6-speed transmission ensures you're able to accelerate as quickly as you want to. Rear-wheel drive and a sport-tuned suspension ensure you're able to break, turn, and drive exactly how you want to.

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A Suite of Protections for the Toyota Tundra

With all that happens on the road today, the strong mass of a full-size pickup like the Toyota Tundra may not provide enough protection from accidents. You also need plenty of smarts if you want to stay safe.

Toyota Safety Sense™ P provides that intelligence with a suite of technologies. Its Lane Departure Alert warns you if you wander from your lane while the Pre-Collision System raises the alarm if you’re about to hit something. It can even distinguish that a person poses a hazard through Pedestrian Detection. Keeping you at a safe distance from others is Dynamic Radar…

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See What Sets the 2018 Camry Apart from its Competitors

One of the most popular midsize sedans in today’s market is the Toyota Camry. While stylish and economical, the interior features the Camry shine fabulously. Immediately upon entering the Camry, a person is drawn to notice the 8-inch touchscreen display. This multimedia screen comes with user-friendly pinch-and-zoom navigation controls and features the ability to customize the home screen and the Entune 3.0 App Suite with Toyota Connected Services. The touchscreen display also is available with custom JBL audio speakers and the Scout GPS Link App for the traveler.

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Knowing the Move Over Law Can Help Save a Life

Most drivers are probably confident that they know the law and the rules of the road. Interestingly there is a law that 71% of Americans are not even aware of, according to a national poll by Mason Dixon Polling & Research. The poll was sponsored by the National Safety Commission, and the law in question is the Move Over Law.

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Service Your Headlights for Safety

Properly operating headlights are essential for your vehicle, so it’s important that you maintain them. Your car’s headlights are necessary to see when driving when the sun isn’t out, amid inclement weather, and during other low light conditions. Bright, clearly shining headlights on your vehicle increase your safety and that of other drivers when you’re on the road.

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