2018 Toyota Corolla vs. 2018 Honda Civic

With its efficient performance, stylish looks, and comfortable ride, the Toyota Corolla has long been a favorite for drivers in the market for a compact sedan. However, it's far from the only choice available. Many shoppers to choose to also look into one of the Corolla's main competitors: the Honda Civic. Here's a look at how the two cars compare against each other:

Base Price: When it comes to value, the Corolla comes out on top. It's starting MSRP is lower than the Civic. When you add in destination charge, the difference becomes even more pronounced.

Space: Passengers will find the back seat of the Corolla quite spacious with 41.4 inches of legroom. By contrast, the Civic's rear seats are limited to 35.9 inches of legroom.

Amenities: The base Corolla has more available features than the Civic. Drivers can opt for a power sunroof to open up the cabin. The Civic has no such option. The Corolla's six standard speakers likewise beats out the Civic's standard four.


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