Which Of These End Lease Options Are Better For You?

When your car lease comes to an end, it’s normal to be in a dilemma on what the next step should be. With the many steps you can take at such a time, you may make mistakes. Therefore, you may want to look at the ideas from our staff at Superior Toyota on what to do after a car lease end:

  • Take time to think if you're going to renew the lease or not.
  • Once you have analyzed the situation, you may decide to just hand in the car and walk away.
  • The vehicle may not have been fuel efficient, and you may opt to change to another vehicle upon renewal of the lease period.
  • You may choose to buy the car. For this one, ensure that you understand the lease agreement well. Most often, the contract stipulates that you pay the residual value on the deal.

Our team of experts is highly aware of all the options that you have available. Visit our showroom at 5615 Peach Street to find out more!

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